Berlin Hyp AG
Budapester Straße 1
D-10787 Berlin
+49/30/25 99 9123

A partnership built on trust

Over 150 years of experience in commercial real estate finance and future-oriented action form the foundation for Berlin Hyp as one of the leading German real estate and Pfandbrief banks. Reliability, competence and solidity characterise the partnership with our customers and within the Savings Banks Finance Group.

With company headquarters in Berlin and offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart as well as our international offices in Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw, Berlin Hyp maintains long-term customer relations in an atmosphere of trust on a local basis. We have equal responsibility to our staff, customers and the environment. As the issuer of the first green Pfandbrief, we are a pioneer and have set benchmarks on the capital market. At the same time, we encourage the financing of sustainable real estate. Looking forward towards the future, we want to play an active role in structuring digital transformation in the real estate sector. Internally we plan to optimise and digitalise the existing value creation chain; externally, we want to further develop our business model through strategic partnerships, as well as monitoring trends and proactively implementing them.  Innovation results from inspiration.